Temico Myers

"Attending the Freedom Is Women's group meetings has really inspired me to be more intentional about my purpose in life. Lantoinette has really encouraged me to step out and walk in my purpose. Hearing her story of how she overcame abuse has given me the courage to confront some issues that has hindered me from accomplishing many of my goals. Her one-on-one sessions are in-depth and she gives me the time I need."

Tasha Lovegreen

"I have attending two of the Freedom Is group meetings and it has helped me think more positively about myself. I really enjoy the way we are able to share our feelings in these meetings and not feel judged or ashamed. I will continue to come to these meetings."

Sheila Garcia

"I've worked with Lantoinette for many years. I realized after attending her Rise Above meetings that she has always possessed the abilities and skills to help others with whatever crisis they may have. She carefully listens and works with you in making sound decisions/choices. I have enjoyed the group meetings tremendously."

Yolanda Jenkins

"I am amazed how attending the women's monthly meetings has helped me understand myself and understand others more. These classes have given me a different perspective in this life's journeys and the different paths we take. The energy we draw from each other in the group is pure joy and excitement. I travel over an hour one way to attend these monthly meetings and I think it's well worth it."