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Lantoinette Clarke - Coach / Counselor / Mentor

Lantoinette Clarke grew up and went to school in Louisiana.  Shortly after graduating high school, she enlisted into the United States Air Force hoping to leave behind the abuse that brought about many internal wounds and scars at an early age.

While in the military she was devoted to gaining the knowledge and education needed to not only heal and free herself from past pain but prepare for a mission that would bring healing to many women who journeyed that same path of abuse.  She received her Master’s Degree in Human Resources, became a certified Christian Counselor, and is also a licensed minister. She spends many hours speaking to women groups about abuse and the affect it has on the whole person.

Lantoinette started an annual “Freedom Is” Women’s Conference in 2021.  This conference focus on giving women the tools needed to be free in every area of their life. She is also an author of an inspirational book of poetry titled “Freedom Is” and a coauthor in Amazon Best Seller anthology “Unmute Yourself”.  These books were written with the intent to encourage and inspire readers to unmute and to walk in their freedom.  Her passion has always been to help others be their best.